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We supply projector bulb and lamp modules to UK businesses, government bodies and educational establishments.   

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UK educational establishments can simply fax a purchase order to 01754 768036 or email us at sales@projector-bulbs.co.uk.


When to replace the bulb and when to replace the projector?


First thing to look at is whether your projector is still projecting an image but the brightness of the image is poor. This means that the projector is working OK but you need a replacement lamp. If the projector won't switch on, or the bulb went pop, then it is best to contact the manufacturer of the projector for a repair if still under warranty. This is because there may be a fault with the unit that is causing the bulb to pop and putting in another light bulb could be an expensive mistake. If the projector is faulty and out of warranty (projectors usually have a minimum of 2 years) then look for a replacement projector instead.


Many of the replacement projector bulbs cost hundreds of pounds. When considering replacing your projector bulb then also take into account the age of your projector and how much warranty it has left. It may not be worth spending this kind of money on a replacement lamp for an old projector. You can currently get a 1024x768 pixel, high brightness projector for under £350+VAT There are also widescreen projectors for use with widescreen notebooks and whiteboards which have only recently come onto the UK projector market.. Having said that, if the projector is mounted in a ceiling bracket, make sure that you look if the bracket is a universal one, i.e. one that fits any projector, or if it is one that was specific to your projector. The cost of installing a new projector may be prohibitive if you don't have a universal bracket. For current projector pricing, then visit:



and look at the projectors under £500 comparison chart.


What to do with your old projector if you decide it is uneconomic to replace the bulb?


The UK WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations mean that you just can't skip an old projector anymore. They have to be disposed of and a certificate of disposal obtained. If the projector is working, but the lamp is just faint, then this projector is ideal for home cinema where you can darken the room. Many projectors designed for home cinema have a much lower brightness that a projector designed for business or educational use. You could consider selling the projector to an employee or sell the projector on eBay. You could also consider donating the projector to local charities or old people's homes, but make sure you get a receipt for your records.


If the projector is broken, then you can still sell it on eBay. You will obviously need to give information on the symptoms and make it clear in the auction title that it is for 'spares or repair;'. There are a lot of people who repair them at home or use the parts to repair other projectors. If the projector won't even turn on, then the chances are that the bulb may still be OK and even second hand, the light bulb has a value due to the high cost of new light bulbs. Epson, Hitachi, Sanyo and Toshiba projectors seem to sell very well, even broken ones.


Original projector lamps vs. compatible lamps


Wedgwood used to sell compatible projector light bulbs from the two main manufacturers that supply them. However, our customers had problems so we no longer supply compatible lamps. If your projector is quite old and out of warranty, then they can be worth considering, however compatible lamps will invalidate any manufacturer warranty you have remaining.